Stress Less Studio will help you establish a more healthy relationship with stress and anxiety. 
I offer training workshops, 1-1 coaching, and online programs for companies, schools, older adults, and those with chronic illness.
I utilize components of MBSR and Laughter Yoga to relieve stress and bring in joy.

What is MBSR?  
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an evidence based program grounded in ancient contemplative practices and western medical approaches. I offer techniques to promote concentration, self-awareness, emotional regulation, and reduce symptoms of pain, chronic illness and of course, STRESS!

What is Laughter Yoga?  

A unique exercise routine that combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing.

Studies show laughter has a positive effect on physical, mental and emotional health. It boosts the immune system, increases oxygen to the body’s cells, and promotes the release of “happy” hormones.  

Managing pain and patient outlook by accessing inner resources and promoting balance and calm.

Individualized coaching in meditation, mindfulness, and Long COVID stress management.

Training and curriculum for both students and teachers to lower stress and anxiety and improve health and wellbeing.

Lowering stress and improving productivity and work culture. Promoting empathy and reducing burnout. 

Managing mental and physical symptoms as the body naturally ages. Embracing wisdom and life experience.

Hi, I’m Ellen.

I am a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher trained at Brown University.

I know suffering is inescapable–it is part of being human, but through mindfulness and meditation, there is a way to find calm in the storm.

I am passionate about teaching mindfulness because I think our society is ready for a change. Stress is one of the leading causes of death, it is more prevalent in adolescents than ever before, and even the very young are suffering.

Experience and certifications:

  • MBSR Certification, Brown University
  • MBCT for Anxiety and Depression, Brown University
  • Laughter Yoga Leadership Certification
  • Mindfulness leader at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Mindfulness and meditation teacher
  • 20+ years of Yoga
  • Former Elementary school teacher
  • Award winning author, speaker 

Excellent workshop, many of the employees expressed gratitude for giving them tools to help with their mental health and stress that is a constant in the automotive industry. Ellen has a charismatic calm about her that made everyone open up and feel comfortable doing the exercises. Thank you Ellen, Kelly Jeep’s employees really appreciated the workshop. 
Thank you

Brian Kelly

Stress Management Workshop customer

I am grateful for your good advice to have compassion for myself, and not to beat myself up (it is my best skill). I know I should look on all the positives that have come from this. Connecting to the CRC group, and making friends, has been a wonderful blessing.


COVID Recovery Center support group member

Ellen has been doing MBSR based mindfulness workshops for patients and it has been super helpful.  I recommend Ellen and her program. I think she did a really incredible job tailoring the MBSR work to the experiences of patients with chronic illness. All the patients reported finding Ellen’s programming very helpful. Ellen was consistently enthusiastic and open to working together to create a program that was the right fit for our patients.”


BWH Covid Recovery Center social worker