Mind/Body Workshop for meditation, movement, and laughter.
Fridays, Jan 26th- March15th
12:00-1:00 PM Eastern time

I invite you for a lunch date each week to practice mindful meditation, mindful movement and mood-boosting Laughter yoga. 

Ellen and Bickly will help you establish your own meditation practice, we’ll move and groove to yoga and dance, and we’ll lead some laughter exercises that will get your serotonin levels soaring!

No experience necessary.

Come learn tools to manage your daily stress, and get to know your mind a little more.

$200 for eight sessions

< I want this class to be available to those who want to participate. If the fee is too much for you at this time, please reach out to me for confidential accommodations. >

Fact: Children last 400-500 times a day. Adults laugh 15 or fewer times a day.  What happened? When did we get so serious? Let’s bring back child like play and laughter!

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