individual coaching

 Customized support to meet your specific goals: stress reduction, Long COVID support, meditation practice and MBSR.

Topics will include: What stress is and how it effects the body. Stress reduction techniques, relaxation tools, meditation and mindfulness. I use frames of curiosity, kindness and non-judgement to support my clients. I offer components of MBSR with my life experiences–especially my journey with a challenging chronic illness.


  •  To calm the nervous system
  •  To deal with the “unwanted” in life
  • To meet our thoughts, emotions and sensations as they arise (not squashing them down or avoiding them) 
  • To cultivate greater awareness of the present moment–so life doesn’t pass us by. 
  • To be aware of stressors and how to respond more skillfully.
  • To lower anxiety and depression
  • To increase health and wellbeing