Managing pain and patient outlook by accessing inner resources and promoting balance and calm

Topics will include: Tools for calming the nervous system, stress reaction and stress cycle, dealing with uncertainty, how to access the “will” and other inner resources such as resilience, strength and compassion. Meditations geared for pain management, dealing with unwanted thoughts and feelings, cultivating gratitude, acceptance and compassion in the midst of the challenge. Stress hardiness and coping mechanisms to ease symptoms and enjoy life more. Living in the present.


  • To manage unwelcome psychological thoughts and physical sensations 
  • To recognize feelings instead of pushing them away
  • To deal with stress, feelings of frustration and powerlessness
  • To accept and respond to difficult feelings including fear, loneliness and sadness. Responding to them in a skillful way so as not to get overwhelmed.
  • To bring attention to the present moment
  • To cope better with symptoms
  • To improve overall well-being and quality of life
  • To enhance health outcomes 
  • To find peace and a sense of control over the situation
  • To treat ourselves and others with compassion

Supporting research study example

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Post-treatment Breast Cancer Patients: Immediate and Sustained Effects Across Multiple Symptom Clusters