For Older adults

Managing mental, physical, and emotional changes as the body naturally ages. Accessing inner resources and celebrating life’s experiences. 

60-minute group session

Topics will include: Relaxation techniques, meditations on uncertainty, change and life process, recapturing joy and laughter, accessing the will, and other inner resources, such as resilience, strength and compassion. Strengthening interpersonal relationships, living in the present moment, and training to increase focus, memory and cognitive functioning through mindfulness meditation.


* Train the mind to help with memory and concentration

* Offer relaxation and mindful techniques for stress reduction

* Create a community of shared experiences

* Embrace change and life as a process

* Help manage aches and pains through meditation

* Cultivate joy and health through imprinting wonderful memories and recapturing happy moments

* Lead mindful movement: lying down qigong, lying down yoga, chair yoga and gentle stretches and standing yoga

* Leading mindful meditations, body scans and group practices

* Leading walking meditation outside

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