For business and healthcare workers

Lowering stress and improving productivity and work culture. Promoting empathy and reducing burnout.

60-minute stress reduction workshop

Topics will include: How to improve focus and concentration, mindful tools to lower stress at work, improve stress hardiness and stress response, increase communication and positive interpersonal relationships, and improve health, wellbeing and joy of employees in the workplace.


  • Lower stress of employees
  • Increase focus (stay on task, approach problems with an open mind) 
  • Increase emotional regulation leading to decreased negativity
  • Improve team communication (present-focused attention, non-judgemental processing, respectful communication and avoid taking disagreements personally)
  • Improve health and wellbeing of employees-more curiosity, kindness, empathy and less stress and burnout

Supporting research study example:

The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Stress and Burnout in Nurses