Teams and individual athletes

For school athletics

60-minute team workshop using mindfulness tools and techniques to improve focus and concentration, to develop self-awareness and self-regulation skills, to stay “in the moment,” to keep balanced and wise (responding not reacting), and to synchronize their minds and bodies to optimize performance.

Topics include
  • Developing a pregame ritual
  • Self-awareness/meeting needs 
  • Focus and concentration
  • Mindness tools to optimize mind/body connection
  • Awareness of inner resources-patience, perseverance, resilience, joy, gratitude
  • Non-judgmental acceptance of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations
  • Letting go of past and concentrating on present
  • Growth mindset
  •  Self-satisfaction–doing your best

  • Increase focus and attention
  • Increase present moment awareness
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Increase balance and self-regulation
  • Increase wise decision making
  • Developing team communication (present focused attention, non-judgemental awareness, Respectful communication 
  • Not taking wins or losses personally–doing your best